“The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis.”

-Umberto Eco

I decided to take a week off from reviewing and take a look at the second half of 2014. So far, this year has been extremely good with very few disappointments. Everyone is looking forward to 2015 and the plethora of huge blockbusters set to hit the screens. But I’m just excited for the second half of this year. So here are my top ten most anticipated movies of the rest of the year.

10. Dumb and Dumber To

Comedy sequels aren’t often good. Farrelly brother movies are even more difficult to find funny. The last Farrelly brothers movie I enjoyed was Heartbreak Kid (2007), and before that was Shallow Hal (2001). Almost 15 years without a success. But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that Lloyd and Harry have me giggling like a school boy.

Release date: November 14

9. St. Vincent

For his first feature film, Theodore Melfi has put together a cast that almost assures greatness. Bill Murray in a lead role is enough to make me excited, but if you add Melissa McCarthy (in a very un-Melissa McCarthy role), Chris O’Dowd, Naomi Watts, and Terrence Howard to a film, it’s impossible to ignore.

Release date: October 24

8. Tusk

Kevin Smith’s Red State (2011) restored my faith in the much maligned director. After several failures, Smith hit a home run in the horror genre. This year he’ll attempt to do that again with Tusk. It boasts another great cast and a very interesting premise.

Release date: September 19

7. Whiplash

Miles Teller has had quite a run over the last couple of years with successful indies such as Spectacular Now and Rabbit Hole. Many in Hollywood are calling him a mix between John Cusack and Vince Vaughn. The secrecy that surrounds the plot of Whiplash and Miles Teller’s past performances makes this a highly anticipated release. Also, it blew the doors off Sundance, so that’s always a plus.

Release date: October 10

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Here is Marvel’s first attempt at one of its lesser known commodities. Before the trailers were released, I was skeptical, but now I am jumping on the bandwagon. Early reviews are in, and almost all are hailing this film as a must-see. It’s only about a week out, but the dry spell of releases between now and then make it seem like an eternity.

Release date: August 1

5. Foxcatcher

Ok, things are getting interesting. If I went back in time and told myself 5 years ago I’d be anticipating a movie headlined by Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum, I would’ve fought my future self. The true story about a man’s obsession with U.S. wrestling looks beyond compelling. I can’t wait to see Steve Carrell play psychotic.

Release date: November 14

4. Boyhood

Richard Linklater has done a bit of everything: sci-fi, indie, comedy, trilogy, and the list goes on. With Boyhood he has done something no one has ever done before, and will probably never do again. Boyhood tells the story of a boy’s journey from 6 to 18, but unlike a conventional film, it uses the same actor. The movie was filmed over a 12 year period, one month at a time, and the result looks magical.

Release date: July 11 (wide release pending)

3. Gone Girl

David Fincher knows how to cast a film. Putting Ben Affleck as the lead in this film was a stroke of genius. With a story that could have been ripped from the news headlines and a cast to die for, Gone Girl has the potential to be the film of the year.

Release date: October 3

2. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan is our generation’s Steven Spielberg, but sometimes his writing can leave something to be desired. Interstellar seems to surpass this snag by being a visual spectacle. Nolan isn’t necessarily known for his visuals, but Inception looked great, and with Matthew McConaughy as his lead, I’m all in.

Release date: November 7

1. Inherent Vice

Anyone who knows me would have guessed this. My affinity for P.T. Anderson is well known. I’m interested in this film not only because of P.T. Anderson, but also because of the source material. Thomas Pynchon is a novelist who most people haven’t read and really don’t know what they are missing. Inherent Vice is probably his most accessible material and a book that seems naturally meant to be adapted as a film. Another added bonus is the cast. Joaquin Phoenix rejoins Anderson, as well as Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Jena Malone, and Josh Brolin. But in the end, I’m most excited because it’s P.T. Anderson. Did I mention I love P.T. Anderson?

Release date: December 12

Honorable mentions: Life After Beth, The Interview, As Above So Below, Annabelle, Babadook, and Birdman

There you have it- my most anticipated releases for the rest of 2014. Did I miss something? Let me know what you think and feel free to drop your top ten.